Green Party of Canada


Big congratulations to Gord Miller on his full page write up in a Liberal pamphlet. This confirms two thing I knew to be true.

1. By mentioning him by Gord Miller, the Libs are admitting what The Guelph GreenParty have been shouting for weeks: It is a TWO way race in Guelph between the Greens and the Libs. The Cons are not in the race, THERE IS NO NEED TO VOTE STRATEGICALLY IN GUELPH. Vote for the candidate you believe in, not the lesser of two evils.

2. The Libs are using their funds to promote fear and smear an opposing candidate which is from page 7 of Stephen Harper's book of dirty politics. If I had any doubt that the Libs are just as horrible as the Cons, I don't now.

Thank you Liberals, but I'm not going to think twice. I won't let your scare tactics and smear campaign sway me from making the right choice for myself, Guelph, and Canada. Tomorrow I am voting for Gord Miller of the Green Party.

Neil Dubois
Guelph, Ontario

To the Voters of Guelph:

It has been many years since I last ran for the Green Party in Guelph but my commitment and passion for the positive vision and respectful nature that the Greens bring to Canada has not wavered. It is important that you hear it from me directly, Gord Miller running in Guelph was a dream come true and something I had hoped for. Why? Because Gord Miller brings integrity and commitment to Guelph and understands that the old way of doing politics does not work anymore. The recent attackads launched by the Liberals is the same sort of fear tactics that the Harper government has embedded into our society and something that the Greens firmly reject. So much for 'real change'. The Miller campaign has been totally clean and void of negativity and has not attacked any specific candidate, we stick to the issues that face Canadians and reject fear and negativity. The Green Party is the 'real change' that people have been asking for and as Elizabeth May has demonstrated, Greens will work across party lines in order to get good good policy implemented and good government working again.

‎ On October 19th I sincerely ask you to support Gord Miller. Elizabeth May needs more support in Parliament and Gord with his vast experience with how government works, his commitment to restoring democracy in Canada and to the constituents of Guelph make him the ideal candidate. Voting Green is a vote you can be proud of and one that makes a clear statement that politics as usual is not acceptable.

Mike Nagy
2008 Green Party Guelph Candidate

As a new Canadian citizen voting for the first time in a federal election, I shall be proud to use my vote to help elect Gord Miller as the next MP for Guelph. Going into this election campaign, I was inclined to vote Liberal but open to supporting any of the progressive parties. The recent all-candidates debate left me in no doubt that Gord Miller is the most principled and most able candidate.

From the applause for Gord at many points in the debate, it is clear that his views resonate with a large and growing section of the Guelph community. It was also clear from the debate that the Conservatives have little traction locally, so there is no need for progressive-minded voters to coalesce behind the candidate of the incumbent Liberals.

As a microbusiness owner, I especially appreciate Gord's ideas on sustainable economic development and his principled stance on free-trade agreements. Gord Miller will be a strong voice for Guelph, an articulate advocate for economic and political change, and a great asset to Parliament as a whole.

Tom Ellett
Microbusiness Owner
Guelph, Ontario

I support Gord Miller as he will be strong voice for the people of Guelph and because he brings a positive and sustainable vision for Canada.

Andre Hueniken, LL.B
Hueniken Law Office
Guelph, Ontario

I heartily endorse Gord Miller as the best candidate to represent Guelph in Ottawa. His experience and knowledge as Ontario environmental commissioner, dedication to the Green platforms and enthusiasm at the local candidate debates are evidence of his abilities to be an outstanding MP. Issues of proportional representation and climate change are key to moving Canada forward. Vote for what you believe in and know what will be key to our future in the next parliament - don’t throw away your vote out of fear and alleged strategic voting.

David McAuley
J. David McAuley Architect Inc.
Guelph, Ontario

Gord Miller is one of those rare ones who's walked the halls of power and actually emerged from them with a deeper, a more true, understanding of the direction we need to go both locally and nationally. I trust and share his vision. Gord doesn't just talk the talk. He continues to proudly walk it.

Joseph Boyden
Novelist and First Nations Activist

I fell in love with Guelph in 1994 when I started university. It’s where I have learned, loved, taught, and worked. Guelph began as the place where I went to school and, like for so many of us, it became my home. That’s why I’m supporting Gord Miller.

Guelph needs and deserves an experienced, proven voice in Ottawa.  As an Environment Ministry scientist, Gord Miller has been part of making Canada stronger through evidence-based policy. As Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, he has proven he's able to keep parliament accountable . As a climate change expert, Gord Miller has been at the table of global environmental summits and is ready to hold the Canadian government to account at the UN climate talks in Paris that happen just 41 days after this election. And for these issues, like all issues, Gord Miller will represent a Guelph voice, because unlike all members of all the other major parties, Gord Miller is free to bring the voice of Guelph to Ottawa and not be ordered how to vote by Party Leadership.

I believe Gord Miller is the best candidate for Guelph. We have a chance to restore the Canada that’s been stolen from us - the Canada that believes in science over ideology, the Canada that values Democracy over party marching orders, and the Canada that is ready for a bright economic future, a future built on more than the hope of high oil prices.

Gord Miller has the values and the experience we need in Ottawa. He will champion restoring democracy. He brings 15 years of experience of defending our environment and climate - a track record he’ll continue for 4 more years as the MP for Guelph. I trust Gord Miller. He's my choice for Guelph and sincerely hope he is your choice as well.

It’s time. It's time for Guelph to go Green by electing Gord Miller Guelph's member of Parliament.

Sean Yo
Tech Community Leader

After hearing Elizabeth May at the Maclean's debate, I decided to check out Gord Miller and the Green Party. My daughter and I went to the community BBQ where I met Gord and signed up to volunteer. His positive attitude, vast knowledge and experience, and ideals that aligned with my own made it an easy choice. This election I voted in advance with excitement and hope, not holding my nose and choosing the lesser of three evils. 

Ryan Toxopeus
Guelph, Ontario

I'm inspired to completely endorse Gord Miller for the next Member of Parliament for Guelph.. Gord is exactly who we need to represent our wonderful community. He is committed, extremely well informed, ethical and passionate about all issues that concern our community and Canada.  He is the best voice utilizing the brilliant and practical Green Party Platform to make Guelph and Canada an even better place to live. 

Gord has the best experience to speak and act  for Guelph and represent solutions and justice for our planet. our people and build sustainable prosperity. I am excited to see Gord ride the Green Wave to Ottawa!

Moragh Lippert, 
Owner Guided Holistics and resident of Guelph for over 30 years

Why would I vote for Gord Miller?  I have been voting for almost 40 years, and always chose the best candidate in my area, rather than the party.  Even if that candidate's party is not the majority, the right person will speak on your behalf and get the job done.  Good example is Elizabeth May, being the only Green member in parliament, has passed more pieces of legislation than the NDP, this past term.  Gord is the right candidate because he is informed, knowledgeable, experienced and sincere on any issue affecting this community and this country.  It would be a horrible shame for "Guelphites" to miss the opportunity for this man to represent this community in the next Parliament.  Gord is a strong voice for the environment, which in my opinion, is the more important issue of this century.  He was instrumental in alerting the province to the honey bee crisis. 

This so called "Strategic planning" is just a scare tactic by the big 3, to sway our vote away from a small but growing Green party.  Way back when the NDP was also a small party, it was called "splitting" the vote.  But, people still voted for them, and look at them today.  The Greens can get there too.  But, one member at a time, and Gord is that member for Guelph.

So, why would I vote for Gord Miller?  Why wouldn't I???

Yvonne Cowan
Guelph, Ontario

This year I'm voting for real change, not cheap talk. I'm voting for real leadership, not easy answers. I'm voting for our future, not just until the next election. I'm voting for someone I believe in, not the lessor of three evils. I'm voting for Gord Miller because I want my vote to count.

Neil Dubois
Guelph, Ontario

Gord Miller doesn't just have  experience, knowledge and profile to be our next MP, he also knows the game and the politics of getting things done at the government level. When he is elected he will be able to hit the ground running - and just as well: there is a lot to be done.

Ben Bennett
Community Advocate and Writer
Guelph, Ontario

The issues Gord Miller is talking about reflect my values. As a small business owner and social entrepreneur, I know the Green Party understands the importance of small business on our economy.  I want Gord in Ottawa pushing to lower taxes on small businesses, supporting innovation, and advocating for a guaranteed livable income so all Canadians have economic security. Guelph has an opportunity to send an experienced change agent to Ottawa. I’m excited for Gord to be my MP. 

April Burrows
Founder of Flow Office Wisdom (a certified B Corporation)
Guelph, Ontario

I would openly like to declare my support of Gord Miller as the best candidate for Member of Parliament for Guelph. Of all the local candidates, no one has more political experience than Gord.  Gord is an extremely credible individual who exudes passion and drive with desire to help his fellow citizens not only on a local basis but nationally and around the globe.  I have full confidence in Gord's understanding of the fact that when the level of the lake rises all the boats will rise together as we head into the future.  Thought his combined previous experience Gord has demonstrated that he is trustworthy, honest and dedicated in investing precious hours required for this position. I am confident that Gord Miller is the only deserving candidate for Guelph.

Kevin Cahill CFP, CLU
Guelph, Ontario

"Gord Miller is one of the few people in public life who understands the science and implications of global warming. For your children's and grand-children's sake, vote Gord Miller on Election Day to represent them in the next Parliament." 

Michael Gilbertson
Guelph (October 13, 2015)

"There are three pillars to every great city which are gauged through the strength of its small business community, access to education and most importantly their environmental initiatives.  We must aim to be different, be bold and be true to what is most important to us.   For my family there is only one group who will represent & protect these views and that's Gord Miller and the Green Party of Canada."

Court Desautels
Group Leader & C.O.O.
Neighbourhood Group of Companies
Guelph, Ontario

Gord Miller has the skills and experience to be a strong voice for Guelph in Ottawa. He will be a champion for Guelph’s business community and a leader in promoting Guelph’s local food and clean tech sectors. Gord has the integrity, knowledge and commitment to be the kind of Parliamentarian that will make Guelph proud.

Bob Desautels
Woolwich Arms and Borealis
Guelph, Ontario

I have always been impressed with Gord Miller. Long before he became a candidate for Guelph, I watched him discuss important environmental issues on the TVO Agenda program when he was Ontario's Environment Commissioner. I was excited to hear that he was running for the Greens here in Guelph. Elected Green leaders around the world have impacted public policy toward better environmental protection. Canada would definitely benefit as well from more Green MPs. Who better than Gord Miller for Guelph?

Yvette Tendick
Guelph, Ontario

I was impressed with Gord Miller’s ability to hold politicians from all parties accountable while he served as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. He has the knowledge and skills to speak truth to power. I’m confident he will do the same as Guelph’s voice in Ottawa. Gord Miller and Elizabeth May will be a force to be reckoned with in Parliament.

Maggie Laidlaw
Former City of Guelph Councillor

We need to shake things up in Ottawa and double down on saving the planet. Gord Miller is a no BS kind of guy—a straight shooter who has and will fight for the environment. The Green Party is where it’s at, and I hope all my homies in Guelph vote for Gord.

Robbie G
Guelph Based Rap Artist

Gord Miller has the knowledge, experience and stature to be an effective MP for Guelph. As a trained scientist, he will make decisions based on evidence and honest inquiry. Gord has the integrity to put good public policy ahead of political self-interest. He will speak forcefully and effectively on the issues that matter to Guelph and to Canada.

Kenneth Woodside
Retired Professor U of G
Guelph, Ontario

Gord Miller deeply understands what it will take to reduce carbon pollution and address climate change. He knows how farmers will need to adapt to a changing climate and how agriculture can contribute to climate solutions.

John Rowe
Rowe Farms

I made a comment last week that I was sad that the necessity to strategically vote meant not being able to vote for my ideals. I humbly apologize to you, my friends, as I was wrong. I knuckled down this week and dug into what's happening on the ground. My observations reveal that there is a sea change afoot here in Guelph, and Gord Miller is actually well positioned to take the riding. I honestly hope that all of the conversations I've had, as well as the sea of green posters validates my thoughts and hopes.
Gord, work is crazy right now, but if they let me use my volunteer day on the 19th, I am happy to join your crusade.

Blair Sutherland
Guelph, Ontario

The Green platform, which is sensitive to the needs of seniors, the environment, and restoring the democratic process for passing legislation in Ottawa, has won me over. They stand out from the others.    

Judith Carson
Senior community leader

"This is the most critical election of my life. Gord Miller is the kind of man we need to show his experience, his knowledge. This is a man who understands the environment and its critical role in our lives. I hope you consider him for your vote."

Dr. David Suzuki
Scientist, Environmentalist, “Most Trusted Canadian”

As a longtime advocate for the environment and social justice issues I will go on record and endorse Gord as an individual because he is best qualified to represent what we need in moving ahead to a better possibilities for the planet as well as Guelph. Over the last decade I have read his papers from the Environmental Commissioner's Office and have heard his passionate presentations at the annual GRCA Water Forums. He also knows how to work cross party with respect and reason.

Norah Chaloner
Retired Public Health Nurse

Hi I’m Rob, and I’m a strategic voter. There, I’ve said it…

In past, I have voted strategically to try to ensure the Conservatives don’t win -- ABC (Anything But Conservative). This is the first election in recent memory where I feel I have the luxury of being able to vote with my heart and head, not out of fear of continued Conservative rule.

While ABC will likely drive voting nationally, local polls and canvassing feedback are showing the Conservatives to be a non-contender here in Guelph. The strategic voting crowd (LeadNow, VoteTogether and others) don’t see the Conservatives as having a chance in Guelph, so they’ve not concentrated their efforts here. NDP has never been strong in Guelph and NDP support is eroding nationally. So, in Guelph, it’s a 2-party race between the Liberals and the Greens.

Nationally, polling suggests the Liberals are surging towards a win. Indication is that they will get there whether or not they win a Liberal seat in Guelph.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t feel the need to woo or win Guelph, he has visited Guelph once on a whistle-stop. Elizabeth May has spent several days in Guelph, over three separate visits during the campaign in support of Gord Miller and the Greens. She wouldn’t do that unless she felt the Greens had a strong chance of winning this riding.

If I felt that voting strategically was necessary, then I’d vote Liberal. But I think they’ll win regardless of what happens in Guelph. This leaves me to vote for the best candidate for Guelph and Ottawa.

I think Gord Miller is a stronger candidate, a ringer. I respect Lloyd also. But what really swayed me to the Greens was something I heard from Elizabeth May early in the campaign. Elizabeth has signed a pledge with all her Green candidates that she will never whip the vote. That means that a Green MP will always be free to vote according to what’s best for his/her riding – not what’s best for the party. Historically, Liberal MP’s have only deviated from Party line 20% of the time. A few quotes from Lloyd Longfield during this election prove this is true.

During the Fair Vote event, Lloyd said "I don't want to be whipped", then went on to say “I don't like C-51 at all but I have no choice...we'd be killed at the polls if we voted against it." So Liberal MP’s will be whipped to tow the Party line, which runs contrary to original intent of having local MP’s in the first place.

Gord will push the Green platform, which is a solid one, but he will also represent Guelph. I chose to live in Guelph because I think it is a model city for the future, one that will be studied and emulated by others. The Green Party’s vision aligns with that model.

So, if you ask me whether I’m a strategic voter, I’ll say "you bet…I’m voting for Gord."

Thanks for listening. Do get out to Vote on Monday, even you’re a baseball fan…

Rob Blakeney
Guelph, Ontario

Facebook has changed the way we do democracy, for the better. National data is consistently showing that Canadians want to discuss election issues openly, but are deeply frustrated by near-impossible combinations of party leaders, MPs and policies. I have historically supported the Conservative Party and I like a number of their positions in this election, including as related to the thousands of dollars at risk per year for normal young families like ours.

I do however also share (in a less hyperbolic way!) concerns about a party and leader that has governed for 10 years and the control issues that come with that. What concerns me most however are the wreckless economic and social policies proposed by a Liberal leader who simply does not have the age or experience required to lead a nation, despite an otherwise good band of MPs and a party which has given so much to Canada. In light of all of this, and in the spirit of Facebook where you are welcome to silence my voice any time you like, I want to share a perspective I have for our riding of Guelph where I gather a whopping 30% of us are undecided and perhaps still others are hovering over a traditional party allegiance, like me.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I am writing personally and with no bearing on any other institutions with which I am connected. I have formal training in politics and diplomacy and see my role as community leader as being wholistic and not restricted in some bizarre and total undemocratic way to my sermons.

I believe that Gloria Kovach would make a good MP however I now see from poll data and serious conversations with a few of our local campaign people that it is impossible for her to be elected. I therefore turn to the option that I believe will give us a deeply experienced (some 15 years running the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and having stood previously as a Progressive Conservative candidate comprises MAJOR political credentials) and thoughtful MP who is sympathetic to a number of the issues I hold dear.

This includes the building of sustainable communities with care for the environmental and community impact of flogging thousands of church sites in the centre of our cities. I also believe that this election will see the Green Party create an excellent balancing political force in Ottawa - potentially even as a coalition government partner. It is for all those reasons that I am voting for Gord Miller, Elizabeth May and the Green Party for our riding of Guelph.

Rev. Graham Singh
Guelph, Ontario

Guelph politics: What's my picture doing on Lloyd Longfield's campaign website? I can confirm that he came to 1 rain barrel sale 5-6 years ago (can't remember if he even bought a barrel), but standing beside GIRC rain barrels (and occasionally riding a bike) does not an environmental leader make.

I'm voting for Gord Miller!

Dr. Robert Case
Guelph, Ontario